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about-usPesto and Co. is a company founded in 2011 by the strong passion for the local and territorial cuisine of Michele Bruzzone, its founder. Initially the company's business was focused on the production and commercialization of pesto genovese prepared according to the traditional recipes. Customers, buyers
and final users recognize the quality of the product: its taste, the genuineness of the ingredients that, in addition to the basil, pine nuts, POD exta virgin olive oil, garlic, parmesan and pecorino, are the features immediately appreciated by a large national and international markets.
With the export the demands of new complementary products alongside pesto has grown. The company then specializes in the research and selection of small local producers of fresh pasta, farinata and other goodies from Liguria, evaluated and tested between local artisans and sold under the label Pesto and Co., hallmark of this research among the "best".
And, according to each buyer’s need, in terms of quality, versatility and logistics, that Pesto and Co. has become a reliable International food operator: its products now reach restaurants, delicatessen, food shop in Northern Europe, Canada, USA, South Korea and are models of that good Italy, efficient and tasty much appreciated abroad.



Passion for food, the simplicity of the food, the culture of the ingredients, the fascination for the quality level of regional products: this is the philosophy that Pesto and Co. follows when looking for a product to add in its catalog, along with a keen eye for innovations ot the article that needs to be easy, versatile and reliable for buyers.
And that is the way how the company found a type of pesto packed in pellets of about 1gram size that responds well to the needs of international and fusion cuisine in which the excellent Italian ingredient is added to the foreign cuisine to create new and innovative dishes. Or pasta "Cecella", produced with chickpea flour, an entirely gluten-free product, alternative to wheat pasta and perfect for the most creative recipes, for texture and flavor.
Pesto and Co. is mainly focused in the research of the best expression of the product: sauces, artisan products, frozen but also dried and preserved in oil to be delivered anywhere keeping their features and a great flavor.



The claim for guarantees for what concern quality safety requires compliance with hygiene standards of quality, throughout the supply chain to ensure the safety of food and prompt risk management. Suppliers and raw materials producers and transportersselected by Pesto and Co. are personally involved in this challenge and are certified to the BRC - British Retailer Consortium and IFS - International Food Standard for the food chain.



Pesto and Co. searches, selects and tests each product to obtain a portfolio that consists in references of artisans and small food entrepreneurs, chosen for their quality and excellence of the raw materials and preparations.
The target is to grant the final consumer with a high quality products, easy to use and to keep, preserving all the features during transport and storage time.
With this goals Pesto and Co. responds to queries and requests of its customers in a constant commitment, retrieving new references and solutions.