Wine & Spirits


PestoandCo offers a fine selection of labels almost totally from Liguria, special productions of the local winemaking. Liguria, despite being less known than other areas of Italian wine, has a long tradition and a territory suited to growing grapes: the temperate climate, the hills, so close to the sea and protected from the Apennines give life to fine and elegant wines. The small production of the Region, due the conformation of the territory, does not allow a wide international spread, yet Pigato and Vermentino are very well known internationally as elite wines that add charm and value to any wine list.
Among the Reds, PestoandCo suggests the ligurian Ormeasco di Pornassio, Granaccia and Chianti (the only outsider) from the nearby Lamole in Tuscany, the highest vineyards in the region of Chianti, at about 500 meters above sea level that confers to this very well known wine an exlusive personality. Moreover a selection of grappe, liqueurs and spirits to close the range of beverage.