• PestoandCo
    Pesto and Co. is a company founded in 2011 by the strong passion for the local and territorial cuisine of…
    Passion for food, the simplicity of the food, the culture of the ingredients, the fascination for the quality level of…
    The claim for guarantees for what concern quality safety requires compliance with hygiene standards of quality, throughout the supply chain…


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If you are thinking to a special taste, packaged specifically for your pantry, Pesto and Co. may find for you the product you are looking for.
Thank to an extensive network of contacts in the area, with artisan workshops that can satisfy even custom requests, the company is able to meet the most specific needs.



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  • Forward Facing ‘FREE FROM’ Food
    The world of free from products has nowadays grown dramatically. This growth  lead to an improvement of the quality of the taste and the features of these products that until few years ago were seen by the mass of consumers just like something to be…
  • A breath of fresh air to the world of appetizers
    Pesto and Co. is proud to present a new range of frozen products, particularly conceived for catering and buffet, that will bring a breath of fresh air to the world of appetizers. The peculiarity of these products is the recipe of the salty sponge base…
  • Introducing new Granola mix cups
    Granola mix portions come in to three different flavor, two of them are gluten free/ Vegan, while one is gluten free/ lactose free. They are all made out of super grain and pseudo grains such as millet, amaranth and quinoa, enriched with the taste and…


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