Forward Facing ‘FREE FROM’ Food

The world of free from products has nowadays grown dramatically. This growth  lead to an improvement of the quality of the taste and the features of these products that until few years ago were seen by the mass of consumers just like something to be used by allergic people, today, thank to the propagation of this parallel way of feed on and the changed point of view in the consideration of this type of products, the differences in terms of taste, texture, and look between conventional food and free from food, have been completely canceled and now the choice of a healthier way of eating  is made also by many people that do not necessary deserve to control their diet, but they decide to pursue this way because of the new appeal of this products.

sponge-cakeEver since this new state of mind has started to spread, it touched every level in the world of food, from the retail to the hotel industry where we can now find increasingly bigger dedicated areas, what few years ago were few shelves into supermarkets, now we can see whole corridors showing a huge variety of these products, or what few years ago was just a small corner for brave or ill palates, now we have entire halls dedicated to every possible diet.

The food industry has therefore conformed to this enhancement of requests reaching remarkable results.

Our range of products has obviously increased proportionally with all these changes and now we can offer many free from products to all levels of food services. From the ready to use snacks, such as sweet and savory biscuits, mini pizzas and muffins, especially conceived for the HORECA area, that are provided frozen, chilled or ambient temperature depending on the requests, we also have taken under a special consideration also the food industry area and we are very proud to introduce our GLUTEN FREE SPONGE CAKE DISKS, available already contoured into required diameter from 30 millimeters to 240 millimeters ready to be used by manufactory to make any type of desserts. Due to the wide availability of sizes provided, the processing waste caused by the preparation of the sponge cake by the final user is totally cut out, reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs of a whole process.

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