Gluten Free Lactose Free raisins Granola Mix

Gluten Free Lactose Free raisins Granola Mix

Granola mix portions come in to three different flavor, two of them are gluten free/ Vegan, while one is gluten free/ lactose free.

They are all made out of super grain and pseudo grains such as millet, amaranth and quinoa, enriched with the taste and healthy benefits of goji berries, blue berries and Corinto raisin. These new type of breakfast or anytime snacks, not only brings all the best nutritious elements such as certain key vitamins, lysine and minerals combined with the enjoyable unique flavor of berries and biscuits crumbs, but also bring a totally new concept to the habit of breakfast.

The portioned cups are 40gr or 80gr calibrated with the three different recipes of grains, berries and biscuit crumbs. They are free from (gluten / lactose / eggs), raw materials are granted from cross contamination, nutritious elements are balanced and specifically calculated for the average provision required for the morning meal which can improve the nutritional value.

Moreover they are free from any trace of palm oil, gmo, artificial colorings, preservatives, soy or its derivatives.


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