Make yourself a tasty buffet to offer your guests new flavors and combinations of Italian cuisine.

Few ingredients , easy an quick preparation, ligurian flavors (new combinations of tastes to suggest) on every table around the world.

Finger (lickin’) Food , raw Panissa with pesto.
All you need is Panissa straight out of the freezer, you can leave it defrost overnight or drop some bits in boiling water for a couple of minutes just from the freezer. Fresh pesto and a small bunch of pine nuts for decoration.
Cut the panissa in small cubes, dress it with pesto and some whole pine nuts and serve it to your guests, you can alternatively fry the panissa cubes in oil to get a crispy texture. As an accompaniment to this plate you can serve a glass of Vignamare, its fine acidity it’s ideal to appreciate the round taste of these ingredients

Fried Panissa with artichoke clove and bbq sauce
Once the Panissa is golden fried and crispy, put a drizzle of bbq sauce on each bit and then an artichoke clove, a glass of Granaccia finishes the dish.

Trofiette with dried tomatoes and olives pesto.
Mix together the sun dried tomato fillets, with a garlic clove, some taggiasca olives, pine nuts, extra virgin olive oil and salt to obtain a creamy paste with an elegant garnet red colour. Cook the trofiette in salted boiling water and once cooked, dress them with the precious paste. Enjoy a glass of Ormeasco di Pornassio with its slightly bitter note to contrast the sweetness of the tomatoes and bring your palate to the party!
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